Terms and conditions of service

Terms and Conditions of Service

Initial Contact

A written request for attendance must be received by email or text message to Surface Savvy confirming client requirements prior to attendance. 

Each order must include the following information: 

a. The name, contact details, and title of the individual placing the order. 

b. Company name (if applicable) and address. 

c. Site address if different from above. 

d. For non-domestic requests, the contact details of the on-site person authorized to approve works daily.

Payment Terms

For account holders: Payment is due 30 calendar days from the date of the invoice issued by Surface Savvy for all account customers unless otherwise agreed in writing by both parties prior to the start of the work. We reserve the right to apply Statutory Late Payment Interest as per current governmental guidelines on the total amount outstanding per invoice due date, as outlined in the late payment of commercial debts (interests) Act 1998.

For non-account holders: Full payment is required before or on the day of repair for non-account holders and can be made by cash, credit/debit card (subject to Wi-Fi), or BACS.

Access to the Repair Site and Area

Failure to provide safe access to the subcontract works on the scheduled day will be considered an “abortive visit” and will be charged in full. Cancellations made within 24 hours will also be charged in full. If the repair is in an area where employees/family members will be present during normal office hours/at home, they will need to find an alternative workspace or clear the room while repairs are being carried out for health and safety reasons, and to protect the repairs while they cure. Working near others can interfere with the curing process as dust and debris may land on the repair before it has set. If this is not feasible, an ‘out of hours’ quotation can be provided.


With temporary or task lighting, the contracting party accepts that subtle color differences may occur when permanent lighting is installed. The requesting party is entirely responsible for any variance and subsequent re-visit (and associated costs).


Our prices cover all materials and labor, with no hidden costs. However, all access requirements are the responsibility of the requesting party unless agreed in writing prior to the start of work. Additional charges may be applied for any access equipment provided. Delays to subcontract work beyond the control of Surface Savvy (excluding weather or Force Majeure) but directly caused by others may result in additional charges.


Our estimates are based on unrestricted access to the work area. If the repair is in an area where employees/family members will be present during normal office hours/at home, alternative workspace arrangements or clearing the room must be made for health and safety reasons, and to protect the repairs while they cure.


Repairs are primarily cosmetic. We often repair cracks on all hard surfaces and, in most cases, can provide additional support to the structure of the hard surface to try and prevent it from cracking again. However, adding extra support is not always possible, and the crack may reappear. Surface Savvy cannot be held responsible for imperfect repairs in rare cases where a surface is already extensively damaged and in need of replacement prior to our attendance. We will carefully repair the area and match the texture and color of the surface. However, it is important to note that some extensively damaged surfaces are better replaced if absolute perfection is required, as lighting (both natural and artificial), shadows, and reflections can influence how noticeable the area will appear.

Dispute Resolution

If a dispute arises out of or in connection with the work carried out, we must be notified by email in the first instance. Failure to contact us will result in an unsucessful claim. Both Surface Savvy and its representatives will aim to resolve any issues arising from their work, if a dispute cannot be settled we will attempt to engage in mediation before commencing litigation. Any additional cost incurred by Surface savvy will be claimed back by a third party company. For any refunds issued, we will deduct our minimun call out charge of £150, against the total.

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